About the CMLTA


In 1999, the Alberta government passed the Health Professions Act (HPA) which brings all self-regulating health professionals in Alberta under one legislative act. The HPA is omnibus legislation which sets out common rules for professions to govern themselves, and to establish standards to register and discipline Regulated Members. Most importantly, this legislation establishes rules for Alberta’s regulatory Colleges to provide safe and competent services to the public.

On March 1, 2002 medical laboratory technology became the second profession to come under the HPA, with the coming into force of the Medical Laboratory Technologist Profession Regulation and profession-specific Schedule 11.

Schedule 11, Section 3 of the HPA states:

In their practice, Medical Laboratory Technologists do one or more of the following:

  1. Collect and analyze biological samples, perform quality control procedures and communicate results that have been critically evaluated to ensure accuracy and reliability;
  2. Teach, manage and conduct research in the science and techniques of medical laboratory technology; and
  3. Provide restricted activities authorized by the regulations.

The CMLTA is charged, under the HPA with the regulation and licensing of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) in the province of Alberta. The CMLTA ensures medical laboratory professionals provide safe, ethical and competent services through leadership and regulation for the advancement of the profession, and public protection.

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