About the CMLTA


The CMLTA has frequent opportunities for Regulated Members to volunteer on Council, the Legislation Sub-Committee of Council, and the Regulated Member Resource List (RMRL). The CMLTA Council governs the activities of the organization and implements and oversees mandated programs and services in accordance with the Health Professions Act (HPA); articulates the CMLTA’s mission, vision, and core values; and sets the strategic direction with public protection and patient safety as the guiding principles.

The Legislation Sub-Committee
Is a working group of the CMLTA Council and is comprised of nine Regulated Members consisting of the Council President-Elect and Past President, and seven volunteer Regulated Members at large. The purpose of this group is to revise and/or draft CMLTA Bylaws, policies, and other CMLTA documents for Council consideration and approval, and to interpret the HPA and the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation for the purpose of application and revision of policy regarding registration, continuing competence, and complaints of unprofessional conduct. If you have a desire to learn more about the legislation supporting the CMLTA and you have the ability to commit to a term, you may be a good fit for the Legislation Sub-Committee. 

The Regulated Member Resource List
Consists of six Regulated Members appointed by Council to serve on Hearing Tribunals in complaints of unprofessional conduct and on Complaint Review Committees. RMRL individuals must develop a keen understanding of the administrative tribunal community and as such, are encouraged to enroll in educational courses such as principles of administrative law, evidence, effective witnesses, and decision writing. Additionally, as this volunteer role requires a significant investment of training and education in the field of administrative law, members of the RMRL can serve on this committee for many years to hone their knowledge and understanding of leading administrative law practices. The CMLTA is always seeking interested volunteers to serve on the RMRL.

The sidebar on the right contains links to additional information regarding volunteering with the CMLTA; including a FAQ, councillor handbook, and a volunteer application.

The CMLTA is appreciative of its volunteers for donating their time and expertise and demonstrating a commitment to the CMLTA and the medical laboratory science profession.

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