Complaints and Discipline

Complaint Process

Any person who believes an MLT has not performed his or her duties in a safe, skilled, competent, ethical, or professional manner can submit a written complaint to the Complaints Director of the CMLTA. This person can be a patient, a Regulated Member of the CMLTA, another healthcare professional or service provider, an employer, or a member of the general public.

The grounds for making a complaint include:

  • Demonstrated incompetence
  • Unskilled practice
  • Negligence
  • A lack of integrity
  • A lack of diligence
  • Another offence under the regulations governing medical laboratory technology

A written and signed complaint must contain:

  • The name of the Regulated Member
  • Specific allegations which form the basis of the complaint
  • Key facts – a detailed description of the events, including dates, times, and specific location of the alleged event
  • Other information and documentation supporting the allegation(s)

Within 30 days after being given a complaint or treating information as a complaint, the Complaints Director must give notice to the complainant of the action taken with respect to it.

The Complaints Director:
  • May encourage the complainant and the investigated person to communicate with each other and resolve the complaint, may, with the consent of the complainant and the investigated person, attempt to resolve the complaint;
  • May make a referral to an alternative complaint resolution process;
  • May request an expert to assess and provide a written report on the subject-matter of the complaint;
  • May conduct, or appoint an investigator to conduct, an investigation;
  • If satisfied that the complaint is trivial or vexatious, may dismiss the complaint;
  • If satisfied that there is insufficient or no evidence of unprofessional conduct, may dismiss the complaint;
  • May make a direction for an incapacity assessment for physical and/or mental health.
If the Complaints Director dismisses the complaint, the Complaints Director must, within 30 days, give notice to the complainant of the dismissal and the right to apply for a review by the Complaint Review Committee.


Despite not receiving a written complaint, if the Complaints Director has reasonable grounds to believe that the conduct of a regulated member or former member constitutes unprofessional conduct, or, is given information orally, the Complaints Director may treat the information, as a complaint and act on it.

NOTE: The CMLTA retains jurisdiction over Regulated Members only.

Complaints must be sent to:

Complaints Director
College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta
301-9426 51 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 5A6

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