Continuing Competence Program

MLT Competency Profile

For an overview of the CMLTA Continuing Competence Program, click here to view a video.

The MLT Competency Profile is the basis of the annual Self-Assessment of Practice.

Version 4.0 of the Competency Profile was created using the newly revised CMLTA Standards of Practice. The CMLTA Standards of Practice (Standards) is a foundational and fundamental doctrine which lends itself to be adapted as an assessment tool for gauging continuing competence within the numerous practice environments of MLTs.

The Standards represent the minimum standards for knowledge, skills, judgements, and attitudes expected of all MLTs in Alberta. The Standards are mandatory and apply to Regulated Members at all times in all dimensions of professional practice. Together; the Standards of Practice, the CMLTA Code of Ethics, regulatory requirements, and workplace policies establish the framework to direct the practice of medical laboratory science. The Standards define the minimum level of performance expected of Regulated Members. The Standards serves as a stand-alone document used in complaint resolution and professional discipline hearing proceedings, and most recently, serves as the primary resource and foundation of Version 4 of the CCP; namely the MLT Competency Profile. 

Enabling Competencies

Each of the three main standards (e.g. professional accountability, knowledge based practice, and professional roles) within the Standards of Practice contain a list of statements which qualify the main standard and further expand on the practical application of the standard in the workplace. These qualifying statements in the Standards are referred to in the context of the MLT Comptency Profile as Enabling Competencies.

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