Registration as a regulated Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) is mandatory for individuals employed as an MLT. Individuals may interview for an MLT position and be presented with a formal offer of MLT employment without a current registration and MLT Practice Permit; however, prior to accepting an offer of MLT employment or the commencement of MLT employment, an individual must be in possession of a current registration and appropriate MLT Practice Permit. Failing to do so is in contravention of the Health Professions Act.

Becoming a Registered MLT

Reinstatement/Currency of Practice Policy

New Canadian Graduate

Internationally Educated MLTs

To ensure timeliness, fairness, and to meet fiduciary responsibilities, the CMLTA uses electronic means (email) as the primary source for all communication. All Regulated Members are responsible for receiving, reviewing, and where necessary; responding to all communications from the CMLTA.

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