Registration Requirements & Application Pathways

Before submitting an application for registration, it is important to understand the differences between initial registration, renewal, and reinstatement. Initial registration, as the title infers, is the initial or first time an individual obtains registration and an MLT Practice Permit with the CMLTA. Renewal refers to the annual process of renewing a current registration and MLT Practice Permit for one or more subsequent years and occurs during the designated renewal period of each calendar year. The Regulated Member login provides more information on the renewal process. Reinstatement refers to the process of reinstating a registration and MLT Practice if the current registration and MLT Practice Permit have expired or if returning to MLT employment after an absence from professional practice. The section entitled “Reinstatement/Currency of Practice” provides more detailed information on the reinstatement process and additionally; it outlines the specific requirements for applicants who do not meet the minimum of 900 MLT practice hours whether they are currently practicing or not.

Registration Requirements
The basic entrance to practice registration requirements for all applicants (unless otherwise noted) include:

  • Successful completion of a recognized formal MLT training program;
  • Successful completion of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) national certification examination (Substantial Equivalent applicants are exempt);
  • Evidence of English language proficiency;
  • Evidence of good character and reputation (declaration of professional conduct discipline history and criminal record history);
  • Successful completion of the CMLTA jurisprudence examination;
  • Compliance with Continuing Competence Program;
  • Minimum of 900 MLT practice hours in the four (4) years immediately preceding the date of the registration application (new and recent graduates are exempt); and
  • Remittance of the required registration dues and applicable fees.

Individuals satisfying the registration requirements are issued a registration and an MLT Practice Permit on the appropriate register as provided for in the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation. The register categories include General, Diagnostic Cytology, Clinical Genetics, Provisional, and Courtesy. The appropriate register for each applicant is determined by the formal program of study completed and the corresponding CSMLS certification examination that was successfully challenged. For example, if an individual completed a formal General MLT program of study and successfully challenged the General CSMLS certification examination, this individual would be issued a registration and General MLT Practice Permit.

Application Pathways
Registration requirements for initial registration as a Regulated Member of the CMLTA are dependent upon an applicant’s currency of practice and CSMLS certification. The CMLTA online application process recognizes the following four (4) initial application pathways:

  1. Initial Registration – New Graduate [graduated one (1) year prior and possess CSMLS certification or the CSMLS Admission to Examination notice]
    Section 9 of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation provides for a registration pathway for new graduates of Canadian MLT training programs who do not possess CSMLS certification. New graduates may apply for a provisional registration and MLT Practice Permit if they have completed a formal MLT training program, but have not yet successfully challenged the CSMLS certification examination or have written and are awaiting confirmation of the examination results. If a new graduate does not have CSMLS certification, a copy of the CSMLS Admission to Examination Notice for the most recent scheduled examination in the calendar year for which results have not been received must be submitted in the application process.
  2. Initial Registration – Recent Graduate (graduated two (2) to four (4) years prior and possess CSMLS certification)
  3. Initial Registration – Regular MLT (graduated more than four (4) years prior and possess CSMLS certification)
  4. Initial Registration – Internationally Educated MLT (graduated outside of Canada and possess CSMLS certification or the CSMLS Admission to Examination notice)This pathway is intended for Internationally Educated MLTs (IEMLTs) who possess a CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) stating their training and education are equivalent to a Canadian MLT education program and eligibility to challenge the certification examination.

Application pathways 1, 2, and 3 apply to all Canadian trained MLTs and pathway 4 pertains to internationally trained MLTs (e.g. individuals that are formally trained MLTs and educated outside of Canada).

Click here to complete an application for initial registration

Registration renewal and reinstatement applications are accessible through the Regulated Member Login portal. Please contact if you require assistance.

It is not a registration requirement in Alberta to have Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) as it is in some other Canadian jurisdictions where MLTs are a self-regulating healthcare profession. Even though PLI is not a mandatory requirement for registration with the CMLTA, it is advisable that all Regulated Members have PLI. PLI is group insurance offered by the CSMLS which provides professional liability (a complaint of unprofessional conduct or malpractice) and legal defense (disciplinary hearing and criminal proceedings). Please visit for more information about PLI.

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