Substantial Equivalence

The Substantial Equivalence (SE) route to MLT registration is an avenue of registration provided for in Section 8 of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation for applicants who are not formally trained and educated MLTs and who are not eligible to challenge the CSMLS certification examination. However, these applicants have formal education and training and highly specialized skills sets for employment in niche areas of the medical laboratory field.

The process to determine if an individual’s professional portfolio (including formal education and training, employment experience, professional development and continuing education, etc.) meets the requirements for SE registration is a two-step process. The requirements outlined in the step 1 must be completed and upon submission to the CMLTA, the Registrar and/or Registration Committee will determine the step 2 requirements.

If an individual is successful and approved for SE registration, it is important to note that SE registration restricts a Regulated Member to an employer, area of practice, and specific position description. A Regulated Member cannot seek employment outside of any of these restricted parameters unless approval is obtained from the CMLTA.

Click here for the CMLTA policy: Substantial Equivalence Route to Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) Registration

Click here for SE application requirements


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