New Canadian Graduates

Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) registration is a requirement to work in Alberta. CSMLS certification and an MLT diploma or degree are required, but often new graduates are presented with an offer of MLT employment prior to successfully passing the CSMLS certification examination. Section 9 of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation contains a provision to allow new graduates to apply for an MLT Provisional Practice Permit once they receive their CSMLS Admission to Examination notice. The CSMLS issues this notice approximately two to four weeks prior to sitting the examination. New graduates must contact the CSMLS to register for the examination and pay the appropriate fees.

New Canadian graduates may start the application process upon receipt of unofficial transcripts stating that MLT diploma/degree has been awarded and the CSMLS Admission to Examination notice.

An MLT Provisional Practice Permit indicates an individual has completed a formal MLT training program; however, is awaiting CSMLS certification examination results. Please note: MLTs practicing with an MLT Provisional Practice Permit must practice under “direct supervision”. "Direct supervision" means that a Regulated Member with an appropriate MLT Practice Permit is physically present and available to assist and/or consult.

Once approved and processed, a registration and MLT Provisional Practice Permit will be issued with an expiry date for the current registration year (e.g. December 31, 2016). Official tax receipt and information regarding the CMLTA Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Continuing Competence Program (CCP) will also be emailed to the contact information provided on an application. For convenience, it is acceptable to forward a copy of the electronic MLT Practice Permit to an employer for their records.

Once CSMLS certification and official education credentials (e.g. copy of diploma/degree parchment or official sealed transcripts sent to the CMLTA from the educational institution) are received by the CMLTA, individuals will be upgraded and a full standing registration and MLT Practice Permit will be emailed. There is no additional fee for this service. In the absence of CSMLS certification, an MLT Provisional Practice Permit may be renewed for up to one year from date of issue. It is advisable to provide a copy of your upgraded registration and MLT Practice Permit to an employer as unsupervised practice is permitted and may affect the term of employment.

It is important to remember that all MLT Practice Permits must be renewed each fall prior to the upcoming registration year. For example, the renewal for a 2018 registration and MLT Practice Permit must be completed online prior to November 30, 2017 or a late fee will apply.

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements are not applicable to new graduates on initial registration; however, when a registration and MLT Practice Permit is renewed, all mandatory CCP requirements come into effect, such as a Self-Assessment and the submission of a  new Learning Plan to be completed over the course of the upcoming  registration year.

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