Reinstatement/Currency of Practice

The CMLTA created a reinstatement or currency of practice policy for individuals who have been absent from professional practice or who are currently employed as an MLT but do not have the required 900 MLT practice hours to satisfy registration renewal requirements. The CMLTA reinstatement/currency of practice policy allows for an individual to be issued a registration, with conditions of coursework and/or MLT practice hours, to be employed as an MLT and work towards meeting the conditions on their registration and MLT Practice Permit. Before the CMLTA will consider an application for reinstatement, an individual must pay any outstanding fees and comply with any outstanding requests, such as Continuing Competence Program requirements (e.g. completed Learning Plan, Compliance Audit, etc.). If a return to professional practice is anticipated, it is advised to contact the CMLTA a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance of the projected date for commencement of MLT employment to ensure all registration requirements can be satisfied.

To learn more about the specific requirements for reinstatement as an MLT or if you do not have the 900 MLT practice hours required for the annual renewal of your MLT Practice Permit, please view the CMLTA’s Currency of Practice policy.

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