About the CMLTA


Pursuant to Section 132 of the Health Professions Act (HPA), the CMLTA developed Bylaws respecting the governance of the organization, specifically the management and conduct of its affairs, and the practice requirements and professional obligations of Medical Laboratory Technologists.

8.1   Council has a duty to consult with Regulated Members on proposed Bylaw amendments.
8.2   Bylaws shall only be revised or amended by Council by resolution as the need arises, in consideration of Regulated Member feedback obtained through the consultation process.
8.3   All Bylaws so amended shall be binding on the Regulated Members of the CMLTA.

2019 Bylaws Approved by Council June 8, 2019

2019 Bylaw revisions with tracked changes

2018 Bylaws approved by Council March 10, 2018

Regulated members are asked to provide feedback regarding Bylaws to info@cmlta.org.

To ensure timeliness, fairness, and to meet fiduciary responsibilities, the CMLTA uses electronic means (email) as the primary source for all communication. All Regulated Members are responsible for receiving, reviewing, and where necessary; responding to all communications from the CMLTA.

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