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Recognition of Excellence

The Recognition Program is based on the vision, mission, core values, and regulatory role of the CMLTA. It is peer-to-peer recognition of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) who epitomize professional practice; who advance the profession; and who demonstrate to others the CMLTA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.


  1. Nominations for the Recognition of Excellence can be completed by any Regulated Member or a member of the public and must be submitted by December 31.
  2. To qualify for the Recognition of Excellence, individuals must:
    a) Be a current CMLTA Regulated Member in good standing or a former CMLTA Regulated Member who was in good standing.b) Embody the vision, mission, and core values of the CMLTA beyond the workplace. Demonstration of embodiment of the values of the CMLTA outside the workplace may include, but is not limited to:

    • Pride and passion for the profession.
    • Volunteering with laboratory related organizations.
    • Volunteering with non-laboratory related organizations.
    • Positive contributions to the community.

c) Consistently demonstrate professional practice in the workplace. Demonstration of professional practice may include, but is not limited to:

    • Exemplary MLT skills, knowledge, attitudes, and judgment.
    • Innovation, flexibility, and creativity in professional practice.
    • Commitment to professional development.
    • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
    • Collaboration within the health care team.
    • Mentorship of colleagues and students.
    • Promotion of high standards in medical laboratory science.
    • Leadership in the profession.

d) Promote a culture focused on safety, patient welfare, ethical behavior, continuous improvement, and sustainability in the workplace and beyond.

3. Nominations will be reviewed by Council and successful recipient(s) will be endorsed by Council.

4. Successful recipient(s) will receive a Recognition of Excellence certificate, acknowledgment in CMLTA publications, and an invitation to attend a Council meeting. A letter of recognition will also be sent to the successful recipient(s)’ employer(s).

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