About the CMLTA


We are a recognized leader in the regulation and governance of medical laboratory services. As a trusted partner in healthcare regulation, we enhance public protection and patient safety, promote high standards for professional practice, and contribute to the wellness of Albertans.


We protect the public by regulating Medical Laboratory Technologists and fostering excellence in professional practice.

Core Values

We recognize self-regulation is a privilege and in our endeavours to earn and retain the trust of Albertans, we act according to the following set of core values:

  • Integrity – We adhere to the CMLTA’s Code of Conduct.
  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions.
  • Commitment – We are dedicated to providing excellent service.
  • Respect – We treat others with fairness and dignity.
  • Objective – We are fair, unbiased, and impartial in our decisions.
  • Sustainability – We exercise responsible resource management.
  • Openness – We are accessible, approachable, transparent, and clear in our actions.
  • Innovation – We build on successful ideas, and explore and implement new ideas.

To ensure timeliness, fairness, and to meet fiduciary responsibilities, the CMLTA uses electronic means (email) as the primary source for all communication. All Regulated Members are responsible for receiving, reviewing, and where necessary; responding to all communications from the CMLTA.

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