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Value Proposition Statements

Regulated Member Value Proposition Statement: Self-regulation for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) is a privilege granted by the Health Professions Act and provides Regulated Members several advantages. Click here to view the CMLTA Regulated Member Value Proposition Statement.

Volunteer Value Proposition Statement: Alberta Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) can serve in a volunteer capacity on Council, Hearing Tribunals, or Complaint Review Committees as specified in the Health Professions Act and the Legislation Sub-Committee. Click here to view the CMLTA Volunteer Value Proposition Statement.

To ensure timeliness, fairness, and to meet fiduciary responsibilities, the CMLTA uses electronic means (email) as the primary source for all communication. All Regulated Members are responsible for receiving, reviewing, and where necessary; responding to all communications from the CMLTA.

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